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Safety Recalls for 2007 NISSAN VERSA

No Technical Service Bulletins for 2007 NISSAN VERSA
Recall Date: 03-12-2007 Affected Vehicles: 16,309
Seat belts
On certain hatchback vehicles, the terminals for the passenger side seat belt tension sensor harness connector may have been damaged during the manufacturing process. this could result in a loss of electrical continuity causing the occupant detection system to become inoperative.
If this occurs, the air bag warning light will come on and the passenger side frontal air bag will be suppressed.
How to Fix:
Dealers will replace the connector for the seat belt tension sensor harness free of charge. the recall began on june 18, 2007. owners may contact nissan at 1-800-647-7261.
Recall Date: 09-12-2006 Affected Vehicles: 13,184
Service brakes, hydraulic
Certain sport utility vehicles fail to conform to the requirements of federal motor vehicle safety standard no. 135, 'passenger car brake systems.' the brake fluid reservoir cap is missing part of the required brake fluid warning.
The purpose of this standard is to ensure safe braking performance under normal and emergency driving conditions.
How to Fix:
New brake fluid reservoir caps will be mailed to vehicle owners along with instructions for installation. the letters will instruct owners who do not want to replace their own brake fluid reservoir cap to take the car to a dealer for the repair. the recall began on november 10, 2006. owners may contact nissan at 1-800-647-7261.
Engine Light ON?

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